When I was a little girl- blonde, sun kissed and craving adventure, I would spend my days down past the stone fence of my grandmother’s farm in a creek that was unclaimed. Feeling the crisp water rushing past my heels and in between my toes connected an inner peace within me. It made me feel whole, wonderous and full of life. 
Maybe it all started when I felt the desire to preserve that feeling- maybe it all started when I would run my fingertips across my grandfather's cheek in his wedding photos with my grandmother, imagining the soft love whispers in each others ears and the fluttering heart beats of everyone in the room. 
Maybe it all started when I took my first photograph of my sister using her exuberant personality to help others feel loved like they deserve. 
Maybe it was the sound of the shutter releasing and my heart skipping a beat as I captured the first kiss of my very first couple.
Maybe it was something about the way the light moves in a photograph, the way is envelopes a bride with its warmth that gives soul to a photograph. Soul that remains long after the reception lights fade into the night. 
Photographs are the only tangible remnants of that chapter in your story. They’re part of your legend that is passed down to your little hearts that create belly laughs and teary eyes full of love. These are moments that matter. 
Lets create lasting memories made when words could not be found. 

There are so many pieces of my life that have made me the person that I am today. Today, I am a lover of waking up early to a hot cup of coffee and sitting on the front porch listening to the birds singing in the neighboring tree lines. I love breakfast tacos, lunch tacos and dinner tacos- with extra guac. I love my blue heeler and all of her quirks; like the way she hugs her back paws when she’s sleeping *cries from cuteness*, I love my sweet [almost] husband and our passion for trekking through the mountains together. I love spending my Sunday nights cuddled up on the couch to Game of Thrones. I love worshiping Jesus with our community. I love going to hole in the wall restaurants, especially if they have good craft beer. I love hiking and adventures that involve the outdoors, but most importantly, I love celebrating life.